Current SAC members:

     Parent: Rebekah Thomson, Ismail Samad

     Staff: Gretchen Snyder, Lucy Leopold

     Head of School:  Susan Stevens

     Community: Heather Quinn, Judie Flanders

School Advisory Council (SAC) What is a School Advisory Council (SAC)?

The SAC is a committee comprised of parent, faculty and community representatives that provide council to the Head of School/Principal and help to shape the policies and programs of the school.

Who is on the Chilmark School SAC?

     1.  Faculty Representatives: elected by the faculty

     2.  Parent Representatives: elected by the parent community

     3.  Community Representatives:  appointed by the Head of School /Principal.

Terms are established by the Head of School/Principal and are generally two to three years in length. The Head of School/Principal serves as the SAC co-Chair alongside a rotating co- Chair member.

When does the SAC meet?

The SAC meets in the school once a month.


Agendas are developed by the Head of School. 48 hours prior to each meeting the agenda will be posted on the front door of the school

Minutes are taken by an appointed secretary.

Proposed topics for discussion should be submitted to one or all of the SAC members by the Monday prior to a meeting, in order to be incorporated into the next meeting’s agenda. Public participation and observation is encouraged.

What is the role of the SAC?

School Advisory Council’s have the following responsibility:

     1.  Developing partnership with members of school community

     2.  Focusing on student improvement, establishing educational goals, and evaluating the needs of the school

     3. Overseeing the management of the school building and related budget Developing a School Improvement Plan (SIP)

What is a School Improvement Plan (SIP)?

A SIP is a plan for the systematic improvement of a school. School Improvement Plans should address: professional development goals, student achievement strategies, discipline, safely, school culture, various school population needs, role of parent involvement, strategic planning, curriculum needs, restructuring issues and community concerns.

Each spring, the SAC presents a SIP to the School Committee for approval and request of funds outlined in the forthcoming school budget. This plan is generally created during the winter and foreshadows elements of the school budget that will be presented the next fall. Because of this working cycle, a SIP is always developed one and a half years before its implementation and therefore represents work that will constitute the school’s next steps.