The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a state-mandated body, which serves as an advisory body to the Head of School. The committee helps the Head of School review programs and the budget.  They assist in developing and implementing the School Improvement Plan.  The Head of School appoints community members. There are also staff and parents on the committee which are elected by their constituencies.  Members serve three-year staggered terms.

The group meets once a month.

Current SAC members:

Head of School:  Susan Stevens

Parent Representatives: Ismail Samad, Rebekah Thomson

Staff Representatives: Gretchen Snyder, Lucy Leopold

Community Representatives:  Judie Flanders, Heather Quinn,


The Chilmark School PTO membership consists of parents, teachers, and the Principal.  The PTO performs a host of vital functions, including:

•raising money to support school activities and materials not covered in the school budget

•planning and implementing programs to support the curriculum

•helping maintain and improve the school building and grounds


Current Outing Program Parent Coordinator:  Patricia Bacon

Founded by a parent volunteer, Steve Sinnett, in 1992.  Its purpose was “to provide an opportunity for children and adults to learn together with the outdoor world as their classroom.”  Through the years it continues to demonstrate to students and their parents that  “learning has no limits.”  Students are given the chance to expand their horizons in a safe atmosphere.  Curriculum, fun discovery and cooperative learning are well blended.


The Up-Island Regional School Committee is the elected governing body for the Up-Island Regional School District, which includes the West Tisbury and Chilmark Schools.  One representative is elected from each of the member towns (Aquinnah, Chilmark, and West Tisbury), and two at-large members are elected to four-year terms.  The Committee's role is to set policy, to formulate and present a budget for the town meetings, and to review the programs for the Chilmark and West Tisbury Schools.  It meets in the evenings of the second Thursday of each month.

Current Members of the committee are:

Robert Lionette

Skipper Manter

Mike Marcus

Kate DeVane

Theresa Manning


"Each school district shall create a districtwide parent advisory council offering membership to all parents of eligible students and other interested parties.

The parent advisory council duties shall include but not be limited to: advising the district on matters that pertain to the education and safety of students with disabilities; meeting regularly with school officials to participate in the planning, development, and evaluation of the school district's special education programs. The parent advisory council shall establish by-laws regarding officers and operational procedures, and, in the course of its duties, the parent advisory council shall receive assistance from the district without charge, upon reasonable notice, and subject to the availability of staff and resources."

—Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

2016-2017 School Year

Elected on 9/27/16


Laura Silber — Chair

Julie Lively — Recording Secretary

Kim Leaird — Corresponding Secretary

Heather Devine — Board Member

Becki Fontaine — Board Member

Brooke Avakian — Board Member