Every year, the 4/5 students of the Chilmark School lead a school-wide community service event in order to raise money to help other children in need. In the past, we have raised money for UNICEF, The Red Cross in the wake of hurricane Katrina, Atiak, Uganda to help their village build a permanent school, and the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, Paraguay.

This year, our class is excited to, once again, raise money for the organization Water for South Sudan. Please take time to check out their website for further information: http://www.waterforsouthsudan.org. On the website, you’ll find information related to the organization’s goals, what it has accomplished to date, statistics related to well-drilling and clean water, success stories, videos, photos and more.

To raise money for Water for South Sudan, our class will host the WFSS Fair on Friday, October 26th, at the Chilmark Community Center, from 1:15-2:15. On the Friday before the fair, the 4/5 students will also host a whole-school event in order to share information they’ve learned, with their younger school mates.

Our two goals for the fair are to raise money, and to have fun while we’re doing it. We welcome everyone from our school community. If you are attending, you will be asked to donate spare change in order to play the fun games that students have prepared. There will be a $.25 donation to play games. There will be a suggested $.50 donation for baked goods. Money earned from the snack table will also be sent to Water for South Sudan.

One other way that students can help raise money for Water for South Sudan is by collecting donations with student-created donation boxes. Boxes will be given to students in all grades the week leading up to the fair. Collecting can be done during free time, outside of school. Students should be encouraged to share something they have learned about Water for South Sudan with people who donate money. Students need to return collection boxes to the 4/5 classroom by Thursday, November 1st. We are always eager to count our earnings, so we can quickly send them off to Water for South Sudan.

Thank you for contributing your time, effort, and donations!

The 4/5 Class The Chilmark School