Students receive their first computer class of the school year usually the second full week of school.

Second through fifth grade students are introduced to:






Kindergarten and first grade students receive a very brief introduction and will receive more information as their computer skills develop.

Technology is forever changing and it impacts young people’s lives, therefore education and guidance are extremely important and one of the main focuses of a Chilmark Students’ Technology Education.

The following list has things to think about when allowing your children to use the computer to browse the internet.

1.  Any computer or device that has internet access should be set up in the family room or other room that is used by everyone.  This allows you to gently monitor your child’s internet browsing.

2.  Children under the age of 14 should not have a any social networking sites.

3.  Set up your computer so that each member of the household has their own user account.  Make sure you have your children’s passwords to their user account.

4.  Contact your internet provider and inquire about what services they offer regarding Internet Safety for students.  For example, there are programs that can set time limits, content control, site restriction etc.

6.  Lastly talk with your child and discuss what they like to do on the internet and what is considered safe.  Remind them that talking to strangers is not allowed, even on the computer.  If you are not comfortable with how to navigate the computer have your child show you what they know and learn together.