FASTQ Frequently Asked Speedy Technology Questions 

I Need Tech Support 

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Outage Dashboard 

If a website is slow, or acting strange, please check here first: 

● GSuite: 

● Zoom: 

Internet Issues 

● Internet Slow? Check Here: 

Once the test is complete compare the numbers of the test with what your internet service contract says it is providing to you.  If there is a huge descrepency call your provideer and help them trouble shoot what the issues might be.

● Don’t have access to Internet: 

Chromebook Filter/Google Classroom

Chilmark School uses the program Bark within our domain, as well as installed in our school owned Chromebooks. This program is also available for families to purchase for their devices.

Bark monitors text messages, YouTube, emails, and 30+ different social networks for potential safety concerns.  

Best Practices :

During these challenging times of home learning and your child's increase of screen time and computer use,it is important to remember some of the following safe practices:

1.  Any computer or device that has internet access should be set up in the family room or other room that is used by everyone.  This allows you to gently monitor your child.

2.  Set up your computer so that each member of the household has their own user account.  Make sure you have your children’s passwords to their user account.

3.  We understand that this is a difficult time for our students socially. With the implementation of social     distancing and the lack of interactions at school, there is a need for our students to somehow still have a social life with each other.  As a school community we are trying to help fill this void by the various Zoom meetings set up by teachers, counselors and support personnel. If your child is wanting more the following link will take you to various safe platforms in which they can interact with family, and friends.

Safe Chat Rooms and Social Sites for Kids

4.  If you are wanting more ways to monitor your child's activity while they are on-line, contact your internet provider and inquire about what services they offer regarding Internet Safety for Students.  For example, there are programs that can set time limits, content control, site restriction etc.

5.  Lastly talk with your child and discuss what your expectations are of them while they are on-line.    If you are not comfortable with how they are navigating the computer while in the process of participating in their online learning assignments please feel free to contact their teacher.